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How does your money back guarantee work?

We highly recommend that you try Flamasil™ for 90 days, a three bottle supply, before you know for sure how right Flamasil™ is for you. If after 90 days you are not completely satisfied and impressed with your results, then please follow the options on our Company Policy page. These health concerns did not arise overnight and are entirely too serious to keep masking symptoms or denying their presence. Give us the time to help you repair and rebuild safely and better yet all naturally.

How quickly will I see results?

Everyone’s body is different, as will be their individual healing time and experience. Flamasil™ will go to work right away to produce the results you are looking for. Flamasil™ is intended to re-establish and maintain proper communication between the vital systems of the body. We highly recommend if you are suffering with any health condition associated joint pain, uric acid overload, high blood sugar, unhealthy blood pressure or cholesterol problems, - that you give a full three-month supply a chance to work its magic before deciding if Flamasil™ is right for you. This will keep you within our money-back guarantee guidelines and allows plenty of time for you to see what Flamasil™ can do for you and the natural healing process.

Is Flamasil FDA Approved?

FDA does not govern over the use of any dietary supplements. They do, however, oversee the entire manufacturing process in which all supplements must adhere to their strict guidelines of production. The FDA also publishes a list of potentially dangerous herbs and herbs generally recognized as safe. We are happy to report all of our ingredients are represented on their safe list.

Can I take Flamasil with my other medications (Heart, BP, Cholesterol, Thyroid, Arthritis, etc. medications)?

We have many customers' consuming an array of medications. They delight in the benefits Flamasil™ can provide for body support, particularly in the presence of such acidic medications. Should you require permission from your physician to include all natural medicine, please do so before ordering Flamasil™. Many enjoy the ability to work with willing physicians to monitor their results. They use Flamasil™ along with a healthier lifestyle in hopes of reducing, even eliminating, dangerous prescription medications with their professional assistance. Ultimately, those seeking better health would like to do so without the need for prescription meds. Sadly, the medications tend to mask the symptoms while placing extra stress on the very parts of the body already in trouble. We do not recommend that you ever just stop taking your prescribed medications. It is best to work with your doctor on common long-term goals that involve reducing, hopefully eliminating, the need for prescription drugs. Remember this is your body! If your physician is unwilling to support and guide your better health goals outside of prescription medications, you can always seek professional help elsewhere. You are in control of your body, don’t forget that!

Do I have to follow a special diet and water plan?

Your diet, water intake, and lifestyle choices are direct reflections of your health. Supplements are a very important source of healing and health maintenance. They are often the missing link for many, but should always be coupled with the realistic necessity for feeding the body properly. Our modern diet is full of processed, sugar laden, and overly acidic imbalances. We must come to terms with the importance of avoiding as much harm to the body daily as possible. You do not have to be a vegetarian in order to eat healthy and properly balanced meals. Your diet does not have to be bland and uninspiring, either. We will provide you with literature and suggestions on how small changes can make a huge difference should you be interested in learning how to feed the body right.

Are your capsules vegetarian?

Yes, our product does offer vegetarian capsules.

Why can this product be used for and targeted towards so many different health conditions?

All of these conditions share the common and dangerous factor of unruly "fires" inside of the body, cellular damage, and age-related disorders. All the ingredients in Flamasil™ play an important role in regulating healthy cellular and organ responses, gently cleansing, and curving an accelerated aging process. Consuming herbs which work on the liver, the gut and the kidneys in order to regulate the immune system and help reduce abnormal cell turnover, is essential.

Our specialists meticulously selected each ingredient in Flamasil™ for its extensive benefit to each organ and system within the body. This herbal combination is vastly superior in strength and quality to anything on the market today. By combining Flamasil™ with a balanced diet and lifestyle, we are finally able to address a wide-range of health issues. Chronic 'fires' inside our body are at the heart of insulin resistance, hypertension, high cholesterol, fatigue, acid reflux, IBS, incessant joint and arthritic conditions, Alzheimer's, cancer, and more. Flamasil™ is easily recognized as the Anti-Aging, Anti-Oxidant missing link to help fight these conditions and help ward off the development of others.

What makes Flamasil™ different from other anti-inflammatory herbal combinations?

Many herbs are extremely difficult to be absorbed by the body in order to yield any benefits. The quality and production of an ingredient directly affect whether or not it will work in the human body. Unless certain herbs are in a biologically active, bio-available form they are rendered practically useless. This is where our high standard of bio-enhanced technology becomes such an important factor in the success of what we have to offer you.

All of the ingredients in Flamasil™ play an important role in inflammatory control. Ingredients such as Grape Seed Extract, Pine Bark Extract, Turmeric, and Probiotic Gut Buddies® are solely dependent on how they are handled from their starting point as to what kind impact and support they can provide in the body. J. Robert Lemon, R.Ph., President of Life Plus International, said it best when he compared certain herbs to crude oil. “The crude oil is extracted from the earth just like grape seed extract is extracted from the seeds, still in its crude state. Like grape seed extract, the crude oil contains many things. If you put it in you gas tank, it won't even make your car run. However, when you refine it and extract the fraction that makes up gasoline, and put it in you car, it will run as it was designed to. Just as crude oil is the starting point for producing high-octane gasoline, grape seed extract is the starting point for producing high quality OPC.”

The secret is in the gift of Bio-Enhanced Technology producing quality, bioavailability, and effectiveness higher than any other standard formulation out there.

How long do I need to continue using Flamasil™?

It is nearly impossible to avoid the daily barrage of toxins we encounter that spark unhealthy cell turnover in the body. Sadly, a perfect diet is virtually unattainable in light of our diminishing high-quality food selections these days. It remains so important to eat right and treat the body with the respect it requires. Daily use of Flamasil™ can add the support and protection necessary in the fight against age-related conditions. Flamasil™ can be used each day safely and effectively.

Are there any side effects?

We encounter the occasional upset tummy for some when beginning. The bad bacteria in the body will put up a tough fight in an attempt to remain in control. The good bacteria (probiotics) found in this product are contending for a position in order to provide the necessary balance and organ communication once again. This “fight” can cause gastric disruption for some, but generally mild and remains rare. This bacteria battle must be won, staying the course is essential. Introducing Flamasil™ slowly can eliminate this possibility for most. Start by taking one a day for a few days, move up to two for a few more days, and then up to the recommended three a day from there.

Flamasil™ has helped many people work with their physicians on reducing/eliminating their needs for dangerous prescription drugs. We are successfully addressing virtually every aspect of the auto-immune system. This is attained safely and naturally, without the burden of undesirable side effects associated with nearly all modern medicine choices.

Should I take anything else besides Flamasil™ to regain control of my health?

A good, high-quality multivitamin is recommended along side of a safe Omega-3 source, such as Krill oil. Your omega intake can also be obtained through a better balanced diet, without the overload of Omega-6 found in an overly processed acidic diet. Walnuts, fresh ground flaxseed, salmon, winter squash and free range organic eggs are great sources of healthy omegas.

Do I need my doctor’s permission to take Flamasil™?

If you are under the care of a physician, and you require permission to take all-natural supplements from your physician, then, please do so before ordering.