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Suggested Supplements for Psoriasis- Why this and why that?

Flamasil® aids the body in excreting toxins effectively through the gut and bladder. This is vital for all inflammatory conditions. Consuming herbs which work on the liver, the gut, and the kidneys in order to regulate the immune system and help reduce abnormal cell turnover is essential. Flamasil® helps block key enzymes involved in chronic inflammatory response. These ingredients help protect the skin, cells, joints and connective tissue and protect the body from infection. They enhance the immune and digestive functions. Over 80% of the immune system resides in the digestive tract.

Probiotics aid to improve digestion. Probiotics not only aid to maximize nutrient and supplement assimilation, but are also extremely useful in providing your body with extra protection from disease in general by stimulating your own body's natural defenses! You can easily encourage the growth of helpful bacteria colonies by taking a high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade probiotic supplement. You simply cannot get enough from food alone when fighting a severe imbalance or inflammatory condition of concern like psoriasis.

Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to decrease inflammation, and psoriasis is a disease of inflammation. Omega-3 fatty acids also seem to have a positive impact on the body's immune system. An article published in the May 2010 issue of "Nutrition Reviews" also notes that consuming eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) may help to reduce the incidence of inflammatory conditions. Krill Oil is the perfect source for these needs.

Growing research is showing many signs of vitamin D deficiency being linked to auto-immune conditions. Research suggests that up to 85% of people could be deficient in vitamin D without knowing it... leaving them with less-than-optimal health. Vitamin D helps regulate the immune system and can reduce your risk of infections, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and autoimmune disorders. Vitamin D can change the way cells grow. Psoriasis increases the growth of the skin's cells. Vitamin D may slow the skin cell growth.

Astaxanthin is one of nature's most powerful antioxidants with free radical scavenging strength as much as 65 times greater than vitamin C and 54 times greater than beta-carotene. Astaxanthin has many unique properties not shared by other carotenoids. It positions itself across the entire cell membrane; attaching itself to both the exterior, interior, as well as the entire lipid layer, thereby offering global protection for each cell.

Diets high in sugar/fructose can cause major problems for our health and inflammatory responses. One should aim to remain under 15-25g of fructose each day. This can add up quickly just with fruits and sweeter vegetables, alone. Should anyone need an additional sweetener for any reason, Stevia would be the viable alternative to sugar use. Stevia is a pure, natural sweetener, more absorbable, with no aftertaste, no added chemicals or masking agents and is stable at high temperatures, thereby making it suitable for all sweetening purposes.

Salt has been unfairly viewed as an enemy. This may hold truth in the presence of an overly processed, high sodium diet; a diet rich in table salt. Salt is essential for life, yet almost all commercial table and cooking salts have been "chemically cleaned" and reduced to sodium chloride -- an unnatural chemical. To help your body function properly, you need salt complete with all-natural elements. Himalayan Rock Crystal Salt is that answer.