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Flamasil™ by Alternative Health Research LLC T/ A Smith & Smith Enterprises
11941 Main St. - Unit 130
Libertytown, MD 21762-1100
FAX 1-877-686-6762
TOLL FREE ORDER LINE: 1-877-352-6274

For further assistance and product information please click the following email link for customer support: Alternative Health Research LLC or

Alternative Health Research, LLC. is proud to furnish you with our ongoing clinical research and knowledge. This allows you to receive the most up to date, innovative advancements in Holistic Medicine.

Mother Nature supplies us with endless resources for all natural healing. Many prescription drugs have an origin in herbs. However, they are completely altered when synthesized for mass production, yielding dangerous characteristics and endless side effects.

Alternative Health Reasearch LLC has successfully combined Mother Nature’s all natural sources with Science’s technology, without sacrificing their safe, original form. Bioenhanced Technology allows us to extract their unsurpassed attributes to make our organic herbs more potent, efficient, and bioavailable. Many herbs are rendered useless by the human body without these advancements. These key ingredients have entirely too much to offer to accept poor standard formulation.

Our ingredient quality and production, constant research, and health education set us above any standard formulations and service available on the market today. Our company will remain unparalleled for this reason. Our strive for perfection is an enormous benefit to you, the consumer.

Welcome to the AHR family! We look forward to serving you by providing the best in your all-natural health quest from every angle. Health education, customer service, and product quality will never be sacrificed as we strive to remain second to none always!

Alternative Health Research LLC- Changing the face and power of Holisitic medicine!

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