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Great Tasting Natural Stevia
Price: $11.95
Sale price: $8.95

GC - Gout Care- One Month Supply
Price: $24.95
Sale price: $22.95

 Friendly Fighters Pro *TM

Gluco100 - Metabolic Support & Glucose Management
Price: $21.95
Sale price: $18.95

EZ-pour Pink Himalayan Salt Bag 16oz with Refillable Grinder

 Friendly Fighters Pro *TM

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    Treatment Options

    Do you know how many people willingly accept any prescription they are handed, without even knowing any of the possible side effects? It is shocking to see how many voluntarily embrace these side effects and treat only their symptoms, while circumventing the root cause of their condition altogether. Many admit that a medication may not be working for them and is making them ill. Even so, not only do they continue taking it, they add ANOTHER prescription to the mix in an attempt to hide the NEW symptoms. High blood pressure and cholesterol medications are being prescribed at all-time highs, even though studies are showing they may be contributing to heart disease, rather than preventing them. Does any of this make any sense at all? Even still, people remain hesitant to try something all natural and beneficial to the body and tend to give up right away if they don't work immediately. Quick fixes, no matter what the cost?

    The body is an amazingly resilient piece of work. However, years of abuse on our overtaxed organs will not be repaired overnight, and cannot repair themselves without your help. Balanced diet and lifestyle choices are essential. At the same time, so is the right combination of herbs, antioxidants, and minerals to get the body back to the level it was originally designed to perform. Without that combination and additional support, there is no telling what will come next. Disease will continue to flourish in the very body environment that is willing to host its cause.

    For a few $$ a day you can get your life back again, rid yourself of chronic inflammation, remove the aches, feel better, address a wide-range of health concerns, and have more energy. Invest in your health while avoiding the dollars spent on sodas, candy, and processed food and watch the drastic changes you can make. Eating healthy and still have health problems? We can help you!

    Let's make things clear:

    - You are here because you or someone you love is experiencing pain, inflammation, poor health and it will NOT just 'go away'

    - This means your body needs help

    - Inflammatory conditions can become dangerous, crippling and even life threatening

    - Prescription meds will not answer that calling and could in fact make things even worse in the long run

    - Prescription meds can actually CAUSE secondary health problems

    - Diet, exercise, and water will help and is necessary

    - Choosing the right supplement to rebuild and support the systems of the body is just as necessary

    - You need help and we've got your safe, effective, all natural, side effect free solution

    Don't wait until your health is further at risk and begin searching for answers all over again. We've done the research for you and only offer successful supplement options. Alternative Health Research will not fail you and we offer what it takes to get the job done!

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