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GC - Uric Acid Cleanser
Price: $28.95
Sale price: $24.95

 Friendly Fighters Pro 30 Count

Gout Vitamins Body Boost with Green Superfoods

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High Quality Herbal Extractions

Flamasil® - GC® - Friendly Fighters® are all natural herbal blends compiled of organically grown, pharmaceutical grade ingredients. The extraction process and protective coating of certain herbs provide the only assurance that they make it into the areas they are designed to target.

Many herbs are extremely difficult for the body to absorb in order to yield any benefits from their use. The quality and production of an ingredient directly affects whether or not it will activate in the human body. Many herbs must be consumed in a biologically active, bioavailable form. Otherwise, they are rendered practically useless.

Flamasil® contains a bio-enhanced version of Turmeric. Turmeric is a key ingredient, but practically useless in standard form. The body can't absorb it well and can't hold onto it long enough to maintain therapeutic levels. BCM-95 Turmeric/Curcumin bypasses standard formulation problems to enable the human body not only to properly absorb it, but to hold onto it for hours of therapeutic activity.