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Flamasil™ for Inflammation

Flamasil™ for Inflammation

(Gout, Arthritis, Diabetes, Etc.)

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The Doctor Recommended Anti-Inflammatory and Antioxidant Ingredients in one powerful formula including:

Turmeric, Grape Seed Extract, Tart Cherry Extract, Garlic, Resveratrol, Boswellia, Probiotics and more.

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All Inflammatory Diseases

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Normal Dosage: Each bottle contains 90 capsules. Take one capsule three times a day for those 175lbs and under. For individuals over 175lbs, we recommend to take one capsule four times a day. One should consume 1/2oz of pure water per pound of your body weight daily (200lbs= 100oz each day) and at a slow but steady sipping pace of about 3-5oz per half hour for optimal liver and kidney clearance. Proper hydration is essential to your healing and your health each and every day. Your drinking water source should be pure and non-chlorinated. Maintaining a good balanced diet, proper water intake, and the suggested dosage of Flamasil™ daily will help insure continued inflammatory control success.
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